Smack bam in the middle of an Australian winter - came the seamless congregation of numerous Naarm based creatives under the event guise of 'Rendition', held on the 6th of August, 2022. It warmed those left behind by the euro summer and brought many out of a wintry hibernation, a sense of liveliness rose out of the crowd during the runway. Held at Collingwood Yards, attendees witnessed and gorged on the night's array of entertainment. 

The event saw musicians, artists, photographers, designers and performers collide in a cacophony of erotic images and sounds. Bulleted by other local talent such as Sina, Caucasian Opportunities, Soju Gang, B4byGirl Chanel, K8 M055 and local designers Anouk Studios, Catholic Guilt and Posture Studios to name a few.

Everything came together quickly for the runway show, after being given a strict timeframe and multiple other projects on the side to juggle. Inspired by a recent trip overseas and a never ending obsession with gothic rave nostalgia, the runway saw two very 'Club Venus' looks. There's no other way to describe it. Flaunting both oversized and micro silhouettes, androgynous and feminine mismatch-mania, blocky boots and goblin like mules... kitsched-up with a hibiscus hair bow. An outrageous sleeved bolero and mini-frilled sarong: It was a 'Goth Girl Summer'... strappy bikini tops and rave linen capris... 

It's what we would wear in a tropical paradise, in an alien universe. Under the sky of ocean and nestled in a field of pearlescent flowers. Where femme and masc blend and everyone loves into eachother. Also a first look at some of the new pieces that will be available for the Spring and Summer. The best season.

New Spring collection, (drop one) coming August 16th, 2022. 

~ Charlotte



Model: @t_ray47shawty

Model: @lauramaewill