Sustainability and Ethics

Commitment is an essential aspect of our brands ethics. Our consistent and committed approach for conscious decision making, feeds each new collection and forms the basis of our identity. As a small business, Club Venus needs to demolish previous norms in the industry and construct new, more sustainable ideals.

Sustainability is such a buzz word. It is thrown around as a marketing ploy… shame really. Because its origin has more distinctive moral implications. Not to mention, better outcomes for our planet. This is how we are helping do our part:

  • Transparent production processes: Our clothing is handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Even the t-shirts that we screen-print/apply further design aspects to, are made in a local Melbourne factory. Our garments are made sweat-shop-free, with proper workers rights and wages.

  • Sourcing: We try to source other things we might need locally. All of our promotional materials come from Australian businesses. We utilise a small Melbourne business for our haberdashery and fabric sourcing. We also search the internet for deadstock fabrics, which would otherwise be disposed of.

  • Sustainable shipping processes. Shipping orders around Australia and especially internationally, has an undeniable carbon footprint. We try and mitigate our impact by using 100% compostable poly mailer bags, and recycled packaging materials. If it’s a local order (north Melbourne suburbs), we save on carbon miles and walk the order over.

  • Recycling/rubbish sorting: Being a small business run from a home style studio, we can focus on exactly where our scraps and recycling ends up. Our scrap fabric is utilised for smaller items or as stuffing in cushions.

This is just the beginning. One of our values is to never give up on the fight. As the business grows, we aim to implement more sustainable initiatives into our business. If you have anything that you think we could improve upon, send us an email. We would love to hear your ideas.